How To Publish A Research Paper

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Obviously, this doesn’t seem to be possible with the type of prolificness we see currently in many disciplines.

Q: Do some disciplines have more hyperprolific authors than others?

For more information on how to publish papers in a specific Nature Research title, please visit the author instructions page for the journal that is of interest to you.

Top of page ⤴ Editors of the Nature journals strive to provide authors with an outstandingly efficient, fair and thoughtful submission, peer-review and publishing experience.

Few abided by what are supposed to be strict guidelines for determining who receives authorship credit on a paper, the team reports today in , as well as what he thinks can be done to fix things.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.A: They are thoughtful, and they acknowledge the issue.The pressure to publish or perish, or to win administrative funding, contributes to an environment where the rules get softened.It’s ridiculous to see 524 authors listed as having written a paper.Did most of them just contribute a comma or a period?So he and colleagues dove into the academic journal database Scopus and identified 265 “hyperprolific authors” between 20, finding that their ranks had increased 2.5-fold since 2001.Ioannidis’s group was able to make contact with 81 of these scientists.Q: Why is it such a big deal if some authors stretch the definition of authorship?A: There are two main reasons we have authorship: credit and responsibility. In terms of credit, if you have a system that is very vague, idiosyncratic, and nonstandardized, it’s like a country with 500 different types of coins and no exchange rate.Q: Why would someone want to be an author on so many papers?A: In some cases, it’s the fear of publishing or perishing, or a desire to win more grant money.


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