How To Avoid Plagiarism In A Research Paper

How To Avoid Plagiarism In A Research Paper-39
Most secondary schools, colleges, and universities take a dim view at plagiarism which is becoming more rampant with prevalent use of the Internet.

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Plagiarism is, literally speaking, the act of knowingly or unknowingly passing someone else’s work off as your own.

To check your paper for originality before your teacher does it, use a plagiarism checker.

Apart from you acting in an unethical, dishonest way, and learning nothing in the process, the problem is that your teacher probably knows you and your writing style too well for you to plagiarize successfully.

Furthermore, while it may seem tempting to purchase an essay from an online content mill or one of those websites promising to secure you a passing grade, this is not a good idea.

More often than not, these types of ‘for purchase’ essays and reports are re-sold over and over again.


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    Planning your paper well is the first and most important step you can take toward preventing plagiarism. If you know you are going to use other sources of information, you need to plan how you are going to include them in your paper. This means working out a balance between the ideas you have taken from other sources and your own, original ideas.…

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