Honors College Essay Examples

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It’s always a good idea to recap what you've written and restate why you're a good match for the school.

Briefly review your scholarship, service, leadership and character. Don’t use clichés and overly generalized statements as they rarely go over well.

Extend your appreciation for consideration for admission and close with an appropriate salutation. If you're in doubt, have someone review and edit prior to officially submitting your letter and application.

A few things to keep in mind while writing your honors college admissions letter include basic writing practices. Melanie Forstall has a doctorate in education and has worked in the field of education for over 20 years.

More often than not, dishonesty shows through and you won't outsmart the admissions officers.

The school you're applying to wants to know if you're compatible with the overall program and what you have to offer.This is your time to shine, so don’t be shy about sharing your successes.You may want to give specific examples or share a personal story. It’s better to have a few honest things to report than to have several things listed that aren’t completely true.Here is where you make your individual mark by weaving your personal experiences with your professional aspirations.The more you can picture yourself as a reader and not simply a writer of your essay, the more successful your essay will be.She writes for We Are Teachers, School Leaders Now, Classroom, Pocket Sense, local parenting magazines, and other professional academic outlets.Additionally, she has co-authored book chapters specializing in providing services for students with disabilities.You might begin with a defining moment from your past, a pivotal occasion, a revelatory experience, or an encounter that shaped or changed you and informed the direction you have taken.Your personal anecdote should lead easily and logically into a description of your academic and professional objectives.You'll want to include your grades, standardized test scores, participation in extracurricular activities, service or leadership organizations and, importantly, membership in high school honor societies.Take a few paragraphs to further explain your accomplishments and the specific things you want the admissions office to know about you.


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