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Therefore, it’s not uncommon to fall several readings or assignments behind for a given course.The remedy for this situation is always the same – the night before everything is due, or right before a midterm, you’ll go through each deferred task in sequence until you are caught up with the syllabus. Another key theme is the process of checking and crossing off items.For this reason, I built a homework and task tracker using Excel to track all of my commitments during fall quarter.

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We get most of the remaining misconceptions cleared away quickly.

I mark the overhead as we identify the errors, and they fix their homework. I compute it as homework grade /5 times grade on quiz (# correct / number possible).

There were a couple of key themes that went into the design of this tool.

The first of which is having vertical lists for all of your classes.

When I have finished reading all the answers, I leave the overhead on and allow them 3-5 minutes to check with their partner or the text to identify the errors and supply the correct answer.

We get some terrific mathematical discussions since everyone wants to be right!Another goal of mine was to make the tool simple and intuitive.There are only two tabs where you actually input data and all input cells are highlighted in yellow.They supply the answers that they think were wrong.This way even the slowest child has had time to process what they want to say and everyone volunteers or is volunteered!Students without homework learn VERY quickly to do the homework.Sometimes I teach a new lesson first and leave the HW quiz until the end with a new concept question included as a bonus.While it may seem like a minor attribute, there’s something fulfilling about checking a box or crossing out an item once you’ve completed a task.The Homework Tracker template replicates both of these processes in a digital format.The reason for this is fairly simple – during your first quarter you fall behind in your classes.Even those of us who are used to getting straight A’s in our undergraduate courses will have difficulty balancing school work with networking, recruiting, social events, and club leadership positions.


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