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After more than 100 meetings, Hyman put together a business plan that was only two pages long.With it, he managed to raise .7 million in startup funding."Time is now your enemy," Hyman says.

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Less than a month into her mentoring role, Williams realized her sister was not the only woman who could benefit from this kind of training.

The two discussed turning their life-skills idea into a TV show and other entertainment spinoffs.

This management tool is vital in monitoring the business performance and its alignment with the business goals and objectives originally established.

In 1995, Jeff Hyman spent six to eight months developing a business plan for his internet recruiting website, Career Central.

"I think a small-business plan should focus on a few simple, essential things," he says. Cynde Margritz, CEO of Peak Neurofitness in Arlington, Va., started her company in 2006 without a written plan; connections at NASA led to immediate customers for her cognitive brain training and neurofeedback services. Growth was steady, but in hindsight Margritz believes the company may have missed opportunities for funding because she had no documents to show potential investors.

Now, as Peak Neurofitness looks to expand into new markets, she thinks the time is right to write a plan."We realize we have some missing pieces in our business and want to develop a plan to address those weaknesses and pursue new opportunities," she says.Venture capitalists, angel investors and bankers are also in favor of stripping down such documents.Many say they simply have no time to read a 100-page plan--even if they were so inclined--and that there is little value after the first few pages.It is an information exchange process used for both the client and Offshore Capital & Asset Investment LLC to establish business goals and objectives, credit information and an analysis of the business project.Details of the BUSINESS PLAN All lenders and/or investors require a well thought-out business plan.He is among many in business today who are convinced that "the dynamics of the market change so quickly" that spending months to perfect a highly detailed business plan simply isn't worth the trouble.Mandy Williams invested even more time -- thousands of hours over the course of a year -- developing a comprehensive business plan for an entertainment production company.Over the years, clients have always come to us with various business plan.While we don’t doubt that clients should have an investment document in their possession, the normal practice standard is to restructure such business plans to meet with a lenders requirement.Excited about the prospects, Williams spent the next year writing a business plan.Entertainment bigwigs in Los Angeles and New York were encouraging, so she thought she was on the right track.


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