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He is convinced that Victor is the reason for his loneliness, and wonders why he was ever created. “…despair had not yet taken possession of me; my feelings were those of rage and revenge,” pg 124.

The monster doesn’t feel sad or self pity about his situation yet; he is overcome with anger and vengeance toward Victor, whose life he will soon completely destroy.

Victor’s quest for revenge was strengthened by the despair he felt he had created ultimately created for himself.

His creation, his monster, was the source of the destruction of his life.

Both the monster and Victor experience incredible fits of rage, and an insatiable desire for revenge on one another.

The monsters feelings of vengeances are fueled not only by Victor, but by the way he is treated unjustly but other human beings.The monster will stop at nothing to get revenge on Victor, his creator.He feels that it is Victor’s fault that he is lonely, detested, and abhorred by every living creature. Why, in that instant, did I not extinguish the spark of existence which you had so wantonly bestowed? It is this anguish that the monster feels that compels him to seek revenge on Victor, and destroy his life.To create this outline follow the guidelines for a full-sentence outline found here: and the samples found here: will be discussing how to construct effective thesis statements in class, but you can refer to this site for further guidance: Please post your outlines as a reply to this post before class on Wednesday. Both Victor and the monster feel revenge throughout the novel.The monster feels revenge on both Victor and every other human in the world.Victor desperately seeks revenge on his gruesome creation, the monster, which ultimately destroyed every bit of happiness he once possessed.According to the Human Genome Project, reproductive cloning requires a constructed egg containing donor DNA to be stimulated with electricity or chemicals to begin the division of cells, or life.Write the topic sentence for your final body paragraph.Much of the monsters feelings of revenge develop from the feeling he has about himself.He tries to reveal his compassionate side on several occasions, such as saving the drowning girl from the river and trying to befriend De Lacey.


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