Genetically Modified Food Research Paper

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This GM variety products have been predicted to spread in the “big- four” (Weasel, 2009, p.198) industrial crops which includes the corn, cotton, soy and canola in United States.

(Weasel, 2009, p.198) It is very unlikely that genetically modified food presents any direct risk to the human health but the distinctive nature of these foods may cause harm to the human health in the future, due to the transfer of the genes between the species while they are produced.

Hence they have to be carefully monitored, as the outcome of transgene effect is still not predicted.

Apprehension has also been expressed as to whether there is a possibility of allergic reaction due to the consumption of the genetically modified food.

But what is vital is to know that whether the emergence of the genetically modified food comes as a blessing or a curse to the human kind.

It’s a boon on one hand as it enables the farmers to grow crops in areas where standard crops cannot be grown, thereby feeding people as well as helping in generating income for the population in the developing nations.

Genetically modified foods analysis Genetically modified foods, often called biotech foods are foods derivative from genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Genetically modified organisms have specific alterations introduced into their DNA using genetic engineering technology.

The food industry is growing rapidly because of its variety and its link to other industries.

World’s arable is increasingly being used to grow genetically modified crops catering to the needs of the growing population.


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