Gaza Photo Essay

5 January 2013 | Occupied Palestine, Gaza City A man prays surrounded by the remnants of a governmental building in Gaza City.

A building in Gaza City after being bombed by an Israeli F-16.

Because of the fuel crisis, many farmers use horses and carts to transport their goods.

Right: Medhat Hamad’s wife peels an orange on their farm in Beit Hanoun.

Mohammed Abu Daqqa’s farmland in Khan Younis is in the buffer zone.

Abu Daqqa cannot hire workers because the land is considered to be too dangerous, so he has to work on the field on his own.

Belal Almzannar stands in front of his house, next to the building where 10 members of the Al-Dalou family were killed.

He lost his brother and grandmather in the bombing.

(All images from October and November 2013.)Geese at Medhat Hamad’s farm in Beit Hanoun. After school, their children and grandchidren come to the farm to play.

Their land was bulldozed several times by the Israeli army.


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