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Some suggestions for effective study time include: The best study is active study – not just reading pages and pages of notes but creating summaries and lists, drawing mind maps, practising answering questions, teaching someone else about a topic and so on.Active study helps move content from short-term to long-term memory. A study timetable can be useful to help high school students plan time each week revising work covered in class.

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This is an example of a completed study timetable (DOCX 56.59KB) for a Year 11 student.

An alternative to a study timetable is a study bank.

Throughout the school year, student’s live by a strict schedule that consists of school, extracurricular activities and homework.

The amount of homework has intensified, students are getting less sleep during school nights, and the level of stress is at its highest peak.

However, there are three common problems to watch out for.

Useful summaries are essential for effective study.Moments in life should be cherished except for students who have too much homework they don’t get to cherish them, so many unfavorable impact mentally and physically cause students make them not enjoy life fully. Secondly, American teenagers have too much homework that cause unfavorable impacts mentally and physically. Once in high school, regular study also becomes important.Study time is completely different to doing set homework.Students in high school should regularly review work covered in class, summarise key ideas and do additional reading and research on topics, as well as practise tasks such as essays and maths problems. Students often find different methods and times to study to suit themselves.The key is regular study, not cramming before a test or exam.At the same time that I believe having homework is good practice to learn the material. I believe that when every teacher gives out homework for practice it starts to piles up for the students. While these students are at school and are away from their family for too long they start to show signs of depression. Students with depression often turn to suicide to make everything go away and not have to deal with the stress anymore.


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