Five Steps To Write An Essay

Research papers can be written on a variety of topics ranging across disciplines such as natural sciences, social sciences, technology, and management.

Writing an academic research paper isn't a piece of cake as it requires scholars to exercise research, analytical, critical and writing skills at different stages.

Footnotes or endnotes can be used to give additional information, and a list of citations/bibliography will add to the authenticity.

Your paper mustlook and read professional, and the content must be credible.

The more creativity you show while researching, the more it will benefit you.

Looking for referred articles or references from the bibliography of similar projects or books will help you findinteresting sources to draw information from. The thesis is nothing but the goals or objectivesof your research paper elucidated in a clear and concise manner.At this stage, you should also choose a citation and reference stylesheet, such as MLA handbook, APA, Chicago Manual, etc. Your paper must include important information that describes your topic well, so start organizing your primary and secondary sources in such a way that you know what to use and what not.The last and the most important step is writing the paper.The thesis must be written in one or two statements and should summarize your entire research paper; in other words, it should give your readers the basic idea of what your research paper is going to deal with.It should be concise and informatory enough signpost the major themes and concepts used in your write-up.If you are good at storytelling, it will be easy for you to complete an incredible paper.However, even if you are not, you have the opportunity to become great with this guide. Having poor skills in telling stories is not the worst thing that could happen to you.The rule of the thumb is to make an informed choice, not a random one.The backbone of a good research paper is exhaustive, detailed and meticulous research, which takes you to the second step in the process - exploration.The golden rule of writing a research paper is to be original; never copy or plagiarize from others, and if you are using the ideas or concepts of others, give them due credit.The final paper should contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, and must be formatted well.


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