First Grade Spelling Homework

First Grade Spelling Homework-7
Every 6-8 weeks, I plan a week of just review words, including the words that may still trip them up a bit based on my observations. But, you WILL see my kids being held accountable for their learning of word spellings by their patterns and frequency. Please be sure to check for Units 2-6 as they become available throughout the year.Most children need to read the words, write the words, and interact with the words through hands-on spelling activities to really know the word. Does this mean I don’t think spelling is important or that kids shouldn’t be held accountable for their spellings and misspellings? So instead of an entire list of random words, our spelling list may look something like pattern. I look at Fry’s lists of sight words and the books they are reading that week to see which words my kids need as a part of their spelling words. If you are one to spell all unknown words to your child at the time of writing, take note of the kinds of words your child asks you to spell.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.Additional resources, including guided lessons, support many of these worksheets.Try these worksheets for whole-class, partner, or individual work.Is there a common high frequency word that you may need to teach him? Often times, I’ll notice my kids continuously misspelling a word we have studied. This is different than a spelling test and can help to drive my spelling instruction based off of my kids’ misspellings.Observing your child is beneficial to you in so many ways and can help drive your spelling instruction. While planning their spelling activities, I incorporate that word again into their learning. So, in my home, you will not see a Friday spelling test.Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.You’re probably familiar with the “list on Monday, test on Friday” approach, which is the most common way to teach spelling.And worse yet, lists can easily confuse the young spelling student, making the subject of spelling seem difficult and unlearnable” . Kids need multiple and meaningful exposure to concepts for it to “stick”. While interacting with the word patterns, my kids write their words down in a word notebook. My kids can go back in their notebooks to look for spelling patterns to help them spell new words. If they don’t remember how to spell a word we have studied, they can look on their word bank (word wall) and find it. He searches through his word notebook and portable word bank to correct his own misspellings. A child’s misspellings can give you just as much information about what they understand as their correct spellings.Just one time through does not give them multiple exposure to the words. Here are 8 ways I help my kids remember the spelling of words: 1. Instead of focusing all our attention on random words, we group and study words by common patterns. If there are other words that need correcting, I help him edit those; but he held accountable for what we have studied together. In my book, , I spend some time showing you how to do this with your child’s writings/spellings.There is a noticeable connection between strong spelling skills and success in reading and writing.When first grade students have a firm grasp on letters and their corresponding sounds, they can decode words in print and write with more ease, as they do not have to stop and determine the correct spelling of words.


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