Fight Club Consumerism Thesis

Chuck Palahniuk, which has a novel and a movie with the same name; the plot is about a man who is tired of his job, in addition to his ordinary life giving as a fact the creation of a Fight Club with a soap salesman named Tyler Durden, also being involved in a "loving" relationship with the lady Marla Singer; throughout the novel there are some very clear messages against today's society, its way of acting; thus making a critique of today, being a work of the year' 99 everything is still valid today.The novel has hundreds of dialogues that if you interpret them well, thinking carefully, you can realize their true intention, making references throughout history to certain philosophical questions that overwhelm our protagonist; I will teach them some phrases with their proper explanation or what they mean: ".

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Limitations don't exist, you can be whatever you want, just work for it. No matter how much you take care of it or try to keep it, little by little it will be consumed.

Like feelings, sometimes they last a lifetime, but the physical body will give way in the end, leaving only a corpse; even your great invention over the years will be obsolete and outgrown by new technologies and perhaps some people will consider it rubbish; you do not have to cling to the material, in the end it will be worth nothing.

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Have you often not seen that names or work define people?

People being thus judged in a vulgar and meaningless way, making them feel bad or discredited, end up believing what others say to them, creating a kind of depression that makes them impose a limit or barrier that does not really exist, and will never exist; problems like this define today's society, that if you are such a person's family you have to be like that, judging without being or ton. An object that is material will sooner or later lose its fictitious "value" given by the biased society.

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In fact, the only way he can sleep at night is to go to support groups for people dying of cancer and other terrible diseases.

By "losing all hope" the narrator finds freedom and a release from the pressure and insanity of his job where he makes calculations about... His life, which fits the American consumer-type ideal, is leaving him sick and struggling to sleep at night.


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