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Buyers often prefer to have a few key styles and number of options within that style that they can choose to best fit their customers. The Cutting Glass have done an awesome "by numbers" analysis of a Rick Owens runway collection, showing how many styles are different or the same just in different colours or fabrics. One of the many reasons laying the foundation of a streamlined range plan is so important is that each part affects the others.

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The plan outlines the specifics of your collection; from how many styles you will have, to what fabrics and colourways will be used. This is incredibly useful for you to follow as a designer but most importantly it gives potential buyers a clear understanding of your vision.

Range plans usually include: While this can seem overwhelming, take it from me, it doesn't have to be.

Think about including physical fabric samples in your range plan too, this will give buyers and even better understanding and feel for your collection.

So there you have the basics behind creating a range plan.

Also, be prepared when talking to fabric reps and agents about what you are looking for and remember to ask for wholesale prices.

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The price per metre of fabrics will often go down with the more you buy.

This will have an immense impact on not only the marketing of your line, but the manufacturing of it too!

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at a designer collection and think that you need to produce a huge range of completely different garments per collection. Remember, changing minor details on the pattern, or using a different fabric or simply just a different colour can totally change the feel of a garment.

When you have the overall concept of your line, it is time to begin looking at the market you are selling to.

Think specifically about your brand and the people that it will serve. Consider income level, gender, age and what that particular group is looking for as the function of their attire.


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