Factory Farming Essay

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Acting with callous disregard for the feelings of other animals undermines our empathic natures and humane sensitivities.

Recent research conducted by representatives of the meat industry surfaced our feelings on this matter. explicitly allows diseased animals to be slaughtered and sold for human food, because excluding these animals would result in financial losses for agribusiness.

By Gene Baur Farming has been drastically altered in the U. While agribusiness has mastered the art of “growing” and killing animals faster and on a larger scale than ever before, the costs and negative results of this so called “cheap” food system are severe for us all.

Small farms have been replaced by large, industrialized factory operations, and animals and the natural world have become mere commodities in the process.

Contributions to the plea were written by 105 full professors from different Dutch universities and different fields of expertise.

They have joined forces and expertise to promote a critical evaluation of why the 2001 recommendations were never carried out, even though many of the current problems and threats were foreseen at the time, and to encourage the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture to start taking measures to protect animal welfare, the Dutch landscape, national health, and the future of coming generations and of global food supply.Industrial animal farming depletes and squanders precious natural resources, and pollutes what remains.The amount of manure generated by animals in factory farms is too much for the environment to absorb.The aim of this essay is to raise three independent moral concerns with factory farming, and to explain why the practices associated with factory farming flourish despite the cruelty inflicted on animals and the public health risks imposed on people.I conclude that the costs of factory farming as it is currently practiced far outweigh the benefits, and offer a few suggestions for how to improve the situation for animals and people.Mahatma Gandhi was correct when he said, “The moral progress of a nation can be judged by how its animals are treated.” We have some soul searching to do here in the U.S., where we currently subject more than 9 billion farm animals to appalling cruelties.In 2002, however, a new government was installed, after which none of the recommendations were carried out.The Netherlands is the second export country in the world of meat and dairy, whereas the country is far too small to carry the environmental damage produced by large-scale livestock industry, such as the manure surplus.The Dutch factory farming industry should be fundamentally reorganized and transformed into a system that meets the needs of all living beings and protects our environment.This is stated by more than one hundred full professors in a 12 page essay leading up to a simple conclusion: Reduce livestock, eat less meat and dairy products.


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