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However, in spite of fact that Facebook is the modern way of promoting businesses and connecting people worldwide, it should be banned due to privacy issues, relationship devastations, and its use to endorse political revolutions.

While, Facebook has been cited as the world largest website, its’ beginning was quite humble.

However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 million users worldwide; it has become the norm than rather the exception across the world population.

As internet technologies continue to advance, Facebook and other social media sites bring even a bigger impact on society.

Moreover, over half of these users log on to the site each day as they interact with various applications.

Furthermore, an average user connects with his/her friends via the various applications such groups, events and community pages and most active users have access to an average of 80 such pages.

Following its huge membership base, most businesses are utilizing this platform to market their products and services to the myriad users (Carlson, 2010).

Given the magnitude of attention that Facebook has received across the world, my opinion that, it ought to be banned might sound like a big joke.

Zuckerberg conceived the idea of a social networking site during his undergraduate years at Harvard University (Carlson, 2010).).

Motivated by idea of enabling students within his campus to get to know each other, assisted by his college mates, Zuckerberg founded Facebook, which was initially restricted to Harvard College.


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