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The findings were that 62% of people would approve of testing if little or no pain was experienced by the animals, while 75% disapprove when severe pain is experienced.There is a moral blind spot in the treatment of animals that enable us to justify the cruelties for the perceived benefits of humans. They have lungs which breathe, hearts which beat, and blood that flows.Conclusion In conclusion, it is morally wrong to test new products and substances on animals, even if it is to make the product safe for human use.

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The topic of animal testing is a very hot topic and people almost invariably disagree on it.

Some people consider animals to be their companions and love them, while others consider them nothing more than a tool that can be used for medical advancement.

The Humane Society of the United States promotes research methods that can potentially replace, reduce, or refine animal use so that animals experience less suffering.

An opinion poll was taken by the HSUS on September 23, 2001 on pain and distress in research.

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They too can feel pain, experience emotions, know fear, and think about their safety.

Animals who are used in experiments are not giving their consent.

It is my opinion, that animals have rights and that they should not be subjected to procedures that cause psychical and psychological trauma.

Animals Have Rights Too Animals are not that different to humans.


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