European Nationalism Essay

European Nationalism Essay-58
The alternative is a splintered left and stronger right.(Jahrgang 1959) begann seine Laufbahn als Journalist 1987 bei der "Wirtschaftswoche", für die er zehn Jahre lang aus Düsseldorf und Bonn berichtete.

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After World War II, the United States crafted a liberal order that balanced the need for international cooperation with popular demands for national autonomy, curbing the aggressive nationalist impulses that had proved so disastrous in the interwar years.

The postwar order was based on strong democratic welfare states supported by international institutions, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that coordinated economic policy between states while granting them the flexibility to act in their own national interest.

Nationalism and nativism are roiling politics on every continent.

With the election of President Donald Trump in the United States, the growing power of right-wing populist parties in Europe, and the ascent of strongmen in states such as China, the Philippines, and Turkey, liberals around the world are struggling to respond to populist nationalism.

Elites in the United States and Europe have steadily dismantled the political controls that once allowed national governments to manage capitalism.

They have constrained democratic politics to fit the logic of international markets and shifted policymaking to unaccountable bureaucracies or supranational institutions such as the EU.

If looks aren't deceiving, that bygone conflict has re-emerged within the political left in Western Europe today.

As moderate center-left social democrats like France's Emmanuel Macron or Germany's Sigmar Gabriel are working toward a European economic and financial government to shore up the common currency, a growing community of more radical leftists are also pushing for the opposite: a return to the nation-state.

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