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Less obvious is the permeating educational rot beneath it, a kind of rot that knows no class or socio-economic prejudice. The details are still unfolding but it’s already been characterized as the biggest college admissions scandal in history.All in all, says NBC News, “Of the 50 people charged so far, 33 are parents and nine were college coaches.Truly though, the most absurd details of them all concern parental behavior. Fast-forward to 25 years later, when she doctored a photo of her daughter on a rowing machine to convey the ruse that she was a varsity coxswain on her high school crew team.

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Everybody has a different sized stack, but nobody’s above pulling a card from their sleeve if they’ve got it.

The wealthy parents at the center of this scandal are a small part of what really happens.

Dishonest coaches, scheming parents, privileged children. This time, we can focus on the privilege, the wealth, the inequality, the bad actors, and we can do it all without confronting the true systemic failures of higher education.

And this will make it much easier for us to turn the page on this news story without doing a single thing to fix it. Van Der Beek, but the true of story of Operation Varsity Blues — a tale of celebrity cheats, buyable coaches, and wire-wearing FBI informants — would make a better movie than its namesake.

The current scandal — embroiling a small cross-section of stinking rich folks who have a lot less to brag about at the Yacht club this weekend — is nothing new at all.

Higher education is one giant pay-to-play casino that favors the players with the biggest chip stacks.

Comparatively speaking, the whole gold prospector thing seems so much less absurd now.

Last week, the Justice Department announced the details of a massive and sordid college admissions scandal, one involving celebrity parents, doctored photos, fabricated athletic resumes, sketchy test proctoring, false disability claims, imaginary charities for underserved children, and countless additional layers of sensational absurdity — surreal acts of deception that seem uniquely at-home amidst the hierarchy and hyperinflation of higher education.

The others were a mix of standardized test administrators, a test proctor and Singer associates.” According to the charges, wealthy parents made sizable charitable donations to Singer’s Key Worldwide Foundations, a phony foundation that would then funnel bribe money to athletics coaches in exchange for student admission into top colleges like Stanford, Yale and Georgetown.

Singer also used the "donations" to dispatch professional test takers, fake exam proctors, and an array of other co-conspirators.


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