Essays On Moving From One Country To Another

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Moving overseas has shown me that change isn’t something we should ever be afraid of.

It has made me more adaptable, stronger, and independent.

The idea of leaving my family, our beloved community of friends, and the familiar surroundings of our cute little neighborhood behind was tough, and we certainly didn’t make the decision lightly.

But we are adventurers at heart—we met backpacking in Europe—and the thrill of the unknown was stronger than the comfort zone.

This was great in a couple of ways: For one, it costs less to ship less and every penny counts when you’re moving overseas; second, not being weighed down by our belongings meant we could travel light and keep things simple. I put it off for a while but I shouldn’t have worried.

My parents almost half expected it when I eventually shared the news and were actually pretty excited for us.

We also Face Time regularly, both video and audio, which is super fun.

Besides, living in separate countries means more exciting vacations.

It is possible to find beauty in those warped moments, and enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy—shock absorbers not included.

Moving your whole life to another country so you can start a completely new one requires a good deal of resilience and bravery, but fear is usually the first emotion that creeps in.


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