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Computers can also be dangerous, because you never know when you will get a devastating virus that could ruin your entire equipment and cause a high price for replacement.And for similar reasons computer games can be violent and can also give a false sense of family environment. This is a Writing to Argue task, and in it, the candidate takes a very relevant topic that is often of great concern to a large number of people and makes a fair argument against the "addiction" to computers. Read full review This is a Writing to Argue task, and in it, the candidate takes a very relevant topic that is often of great concern to a large number of people and makes a fair argument against the "addiction" to computers.

Nowadays, 60% of all interpersonal relationships are through the internet.

This is something that has caused serious concerns, since personal relationships through dating, conversations or casual encounters will disappear. Families should spend more time together doing different activities that don't include watching TV or any other movies.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one TV set at home.

Television has been a popular means of entertainment for a long time.

The quality of the argument is fair, though the consistency of it, and the specification of what is said is poor.

A lot fo the comment made are general and do not carry much weight - use of the words like "fun" when trying to describe alternatives to computers do not carry that same weight as words like "just as valuable, if not more so [not sourced from candidate's answer]".It is my belief that families who possess many TV's will suffer from adverse impacts.On the other hand, allowing for people's own entertainment could trigger some serious issues.Where this answer is a success however, are the use of other argumentative devices that strengthen the rest of the argument - devices like repetition "television, internet and computers" are consistently group together so the readers make a link that they all carry bad connotations; the use of rhetoric and Second Person Address: "This is my opinion... (sic)"; though I would have liked to have seen at least one attempt at voice of the specialist.Even if it is made-up, the expert opinion is a great way to add weight to an argument - statistics also help but it is advised that candidate be wary of not being too optimistic with statistics e.g.The improvement of your punctuation will just refine the structure and confidence of your answer, so get learning how to use those colons and semi-colons accurately, to gain higher QWC marks. In some families, there is more than one television in the home with each family member even having their own TV.Before technology existed, a fun way to spend time would be painting, writing or playing sports and games, or even spending time with the family. Middle Eventually, the person arranges for them to meet somewhere, and as foolish as this may sound, the child or teenager actually go.This could bring severe consequences, for example: a kidnapping.And these are some of many disadvantages of television, internet and computers. I would have to say I would like to have seen more evidence of the techniques required to shape a powerful argument because quite frequently the candidate finds themselves slipping in terms of focus and/or their ability to present a cohesive argument.All of these mediums are wastes of time, money and energy. The focus that is shown is fairly good, but a stronger focus would improve this answer greatly, as if would cut down the waffle and general comments that could be tied to any argument about computers and television - it is important that candidate pays undivided attention to the question at all times and makes sure they are consistently voicing their opinion without contradicting themselves.


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