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In the village where the women met; Nene was treated as an outsider, but through the years wore them down and made many friends.Most were a bit envious of her and her housekeeping skills. Nnaemeka's father knew nothing about this because no one would speak to him about his son because they were afraid of what he'd say.His dad said its tradition; if you break tradition then you are a disgracing your family.

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She was a tomboy who was dumb and used to beat up all the boys. When Nnaemeka went to visit his father he went with him to sit under his father's favorite tree, there they talked about Nene.

Basically Nnaemeka said he didn't love Ugoye and his dad said no one expects you to love her.

The families of the children force their kids to go through with the marriages or else they are disowned and dishonor their families.

They are then banned from family gatherings and out cast by society.

She's from Calabar, she's a good housewife, a teacher in an all female school and she has a good Christian background. Nnaemeka is the son of a man who is a member of the Ibo tribe.

Nnaemeka used to be in that tribe until he grew up and moved away from Ibibio land.People who are put together in these marriages usually have not even met before.They are just assigned to eachother from a young age.Achebe's homeland, the Igbo region (sometimes called Ibo), lies in the central south. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567814705"Nene grew up in the city of Lagos, so she doesn't understand why traditions like arranged marriages and being a member of a tribe should matter in modern society.Nene told Nnaemeka that if his father loved him he would forgive him and learn to accept their marriage.One day he got a letter from Nene and reluctantly read it.It said that they had 2 boys who learned about his existence and wanted to visit him, but Nene and Nnaemeka didn't know what to say because of his reluctance to speak to his son and his family.She said she would send them in a month with Nnaemeka while she stays at home.At first he wanted to say no, but eventually because of a thunderstorm he begins to imagine the kids standing outside in the rain calling his name so he changes his mind. Arranged marriages are something that is still going on in our time. The marriage isn't about love, just the profit that each family can make by marrying their children to each other.They always hoped the other would change their mind about their decision.In his dads village Nnaemeka 's engagement becomes the talk of the town.


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