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They must want to follow you enough to stop what they are doing and perhaps walk into danger and situations that they would not normally consider risking.Leaders with a stronger charisma find it easier to attract people to their cause.

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In terms of people, they generally like to run a 'happy ship'.

Leaders do not have subordinates - at least not when they are leading.

Managers have a position of authority vested in them by the company, and their subordinates work for them and largely do as they are told.

Management style is transactional, in that the manager tells the subordinate what to do, and the subordinate does this not because they are a blind robot, but because they have been promised a reward (at minimum their salary) for doing so.

A surprising number of these leaders had some form of handicap in their lives which they had to overcome.

Some had traumatic childhoods, some had problems such as dyslexia, others were shorter than average.

Telling people what to do does not inspire them to follow you.

You have to appeal to them, showing how following you will lead them to their hearts' desire.

In order to keep the mystique of leadership, they often retain a degree of separation and aloofness.

This does not mean that leaders do not pay attention to tasks - in fact they are often very achievement-focused.


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