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Not only the topics, but the history of agriculture is diverse and long-standing.

If one is to write agriculture research papers, then this student will have to be familiar with a great amount of history and technical terms in order to swim through all the nomenclature.

It is through education and communication that agricultural extensionists are able to bring changes in farmers’ knowledge, attitudes and skills which help to put farmers in a frame of mind that is conducive for adopting proven agricultural innovations (Agbamu, 2005).

Van den Ban and Hawkins (1998) further stated that the major role of agricultural extension in many countries, including Nigeria, in the past was seen to be transfer of new technologies from researchers to farmers.

The importance of this sector is more pronounced in developing countries, like Nigeria, where it is one of the main thrust of national development.

In order to facilitate the development of the agricultural sector, agricultural extension service is a sine qua non.

Results show that dairy farmers’ environmental performance is positively influenced by geographically close farmers’ and socially close farmers’ NMPs, such as wintering off cows and increasing the frequency of soil tests.

Results also indicate that encouraging the farmer-to-farmer communication improves dairy farmers’ environmental performance.

THE ROLE OF EXTENSION IN AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT by Ifeoma Irohibe Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Agriculture is the science of cultivating crops and rearing animals for the benefit of man and also includes other processes such as processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce.

The agricultural sector is essential in the economic development and poverty alleviation drive of many sectors.


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