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The 1881 version is divided into nine sections and has 147 lines.The sections are of varying lengths, as are the lines; Whitman did not like to constrain his poetic expression with form, meter, or a specific rhyme scheme.

He begins by describing his surroundings: the water below, the clouds, the sunrise, and the commuters around him.The speaker then "approaches" his readers more closely and claims that they see each other in the same way.He reiterates the eternal connection between all human beings.This thought carries him into a meditation on the connection between the past and the future and how all of the people on this particular ferry fit into the equation.In the third section of the poem, the speaker explores the commonalities between all the commuters who have traveled and will travel on this ferry.He admits that sometimes, evil thoughts cross his mind.He used to wonder if he was the only one who felt this way but has since overcome his insecurity.This lets the reader know that Whitman has written this with the reader in mind, even before that reader existed.He challenges time by connecting his time with ours. When we read Whitman's words, we are connected to his vision and his feelings during the time of his existence.In a joyous tribute to his ferry trip, he lists all the different components of his environment and commands each one to keep doing what it is doing.He says that it is the physical world that binds us all together and allows us to know our own souls.


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