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These adverts are as follows Citroen C4 – Dancing Transformer, Fosters – Robot Cleaner, Stella Artois – Hidden British airman and Grolsch – Grolsch Premium Lager.This essay will compare these four adverts and also portray the way they use certain techniques to attract the viewer into buying into their products.

Such an essay writing is more about writing with ad reviewing and using a specific and certain format for it.

There is a format of the structure, which is typical for essays that a student has to follow.

It has always been difficult to assess the benefits of TV advertising as advertisers have traditionally had only a vague idea of who may have seen a particular advert and the actual impact on them.

However, they can try and target an audience A Comparison of Four Advertisements In this essay I will be comparing four adverts.

The assignment's outline is a separate paper, which serves as a so-called “essay plan” for you.

There you show how you will make your structure precisely and show it this way, so it would be comfortable and appropriate for you to stay focused on the topic without turning to other areas.

I like the way the advert creates an image of characters in the readers mind, although you cannot see a physical person (image) but the pictures imply their existence.

For example, like when I saw the picture of the Wellingtons, an image of a little boy was the first thing I thought of. A Comparison of Two Television Advertisements Television is the most important medium for advertising, and advertising is a vital component of traditional TV business models.

Advertising promotes the latest goods that are out in the shops.

Advertising effects me everyday because every time I see a advertisement it attracts me to the product and I think about buying it or saving up to buy it.


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