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(Oxford University Press, 2008) was one of the few books mentioned more than once and the only one that was published in the past five years.Last year, the Ameri­can Academy of Religion gave its Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion to Willie J.When black theology championed the black church as the location of God's preference and accused white Christianity of heresy, white theologians only saw secularism run amok.

Engrafted into God's salvation of the Jews, the gentiles were saved insofar as the Jews were saved.

It was Christ's unique human-divine personage that integrated gentiles into Israel's covenant life with God.

Some include annotations with additional details about the publications' contents.

They have a narrower focus, covering a topic, movement, person, geographic location, or era.

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This shift in black theology's relationship to traditional Christianity means that the rest of the church can no longer ignore black theology's claims.

So long as black theologians felt that they had good reason to pursue nontraditional and extra-Christian sources in such secular social theory as anthropology, cultural studies, sociology and political science, white theologians could keep black theology at arm's length.

There­fore a theological response to racism entails a more faithful articulation of the nature of the Trinity.

Key to both Carter's and Jennings's work is their deep concern with the Jewish identity of Jesus.


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