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The French Revolution occurred as a result of the various factors outlined above: tension between aristocrats and bourgeoisie; resentments on the part of urban artisans resulting from high prices and unemployment; and a generally depressed economy.If occurred when it did because of the inability of the king and his government to resolve the country’s immediate financial crisis.

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On the eve of the Revolution, France had grown to such a state that a revolution was irrefutable. First, there were many downfalls concerning the economic state which had to be corrected in order for the three major ideals of the French Revolution to be realized. After realizing a revolution and their petitions answered, France vowed not to return to a tyrant. All in all, the French government created its own revolution. The French revolution was built upon these ideals which would correct any and all corruption in the government. The French Revolution was believed to be the bourgeois revolution for the noble cause of equality.

Moreover, it can be stated that the French Revolution had a great impact on the whole of Europe. So, in a nutshell this shows us how the French Revolution came about and what provoked it to transpire. The measures of two important revolutions held major contributions to their nation; these two revolutions are the French Revolution and the Philippines Revolution.

Throughout the century they grew increasingly insistent upon what they began to call their “constitutional” rights—in reality, opposing any legislation that did not serve the interests of their aristocratic members.

When Louis XVI pressed for new taxes to be levied on the nobility as well as the rest of the community after the expensive Seven Years War, the Parlements success­fully blocked the proposal, insisting upon their right “to exemption from major national taxes.

Both its philosophical ideals and its political realities mirrored attitudes, concerns, and conflicts that had occupied the minds of Europeans for several decades.

When the revolutionaries pronounced in favor of liberty, they spoke not only with the voice of the eighteenth century philosophers, but also with those of the English aristocracy in 1688 and the American revolutionaries of 1776.

The various regions and orders continued to press for what they called their “liberties”—that is, their right to conduct their affairs without interference from the state.

Frances powerful courts of record, reasserted their independence during the early years of the reign of Louis XV.

Many historians studied the French Revolution and while they often disagreed over the relative significance of specific changes or developments, they agreed that the French Revolution is a very important event in modern history, and more radical than either the English or American Revolutions. State-Run Schooling Culture of France, as well as the world, was also changed by the revo... Success is measured in failure, and during the French Revolution, France experienced many failures. Therefore, the revolution was indeed successful, the people set out to change France, and that's exactly what they did. When the revolution began France was originally a monarchy ruled by Louis XVI, which many people had qualms about. France had since moved on from its early revolution days, and was now attempting a rebirth, putting all of its experience into play, looking forward to what was to come next leading into the Industrial Revolution.

French Revolution So what sparked the French Revolution?


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