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You’re given 50 minutes to complete this assignment following the required sections of the test., it’s worth opting in if you’re a strong writer or any schools on your list recommend completing the essay.

“I’ve learned that when schools say ‘recommended,’ it’s best to read that as ‘required,’” she says. “I wouldn’t recommend it to practice your writing,” she adds.

Until recently, students faced confounding questions like, “Is it more important to avoid hurting people’s feelings or to tell the truth?

” There were no right or wrong answers — the essay, for which you were allocated 25 minutes — tested how well students constructed a persuasive argument. Now, students are asked to analyze an opinion piece, and the task is not to agree or disagree, but rather discuss the strategies the author employs to persuade their audience.

It’s just looking for how you analyze the rhetorical devices used in the article.” Ultimately, Burns scored well responding to a passage about minimum wage, a topic on which she hardly considers herself an expert.

Most important, Fracchia says, is to follow a set essay structure and have a toolbox of rhetorical devices (think: anecdotes, similes or pathos) at the ready.This formula will be useful to you for any SAT test essay.You will only need to make sure that the paragraphs in your text are interconnected, the vocabulary is advanced enough, the sentences are complicated in structure.“It’s really easy in a timed writing situation to go off base and start writing anything that comes into your head,” she says.“What you need is four or five paragraphs: an introduction stating the author’s message and the devices they use to communicate it, two or three middle paragraphs addressing a rhetorical device each and a conclusion.” or “Do rules and limitations contribute to a person’s happiness?” Or my personal (non-)favorite: the controversial “Is reality television good or bad? You were then asked to develop your point of view on this debatable issue and support it with examples taken from your “readings, studies, experience or observations.”Disgruntled SAT graders got fed up with formulaic essays that started with the rather jarring phrase, “As can be seen in the examples of Huckleberry Finn, my little brother, and Hitler…” and decided there was no hope for the future of society.One more thing to take into account is that the College Board is going to evaluate your ability to express your thoughts in the written form. And this, in turn, will require from them a clear structure, an evolved system of proofs, and developed critical thinking, skillfully presented in the linguistic form.That is considered an unconditional improvement in the exam, as this format will be relevant later on, at the university level.I shared my score to my closest friends and they basically said sharing such a good score was bad for their self esteem and I shouldnt share it.I was just really excited so thought you guys might appreciate it more.


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