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If a Muslim seeks to give Urdu an Islamic color by stuffing it with Arabic and Persian words, then a Hindu can also wish to give Urdu a Hindu color by putting into it vocabularies from Hindi and Bhasha.

[7] Urdu is not the exclusive heritage either of the Muslims or of the Hindus. The Hindus have a prior right over it because it is a branch of Hindi.

The Muslims of the Punjab speak and write Punjabi; those of Bengal, Bengali; those of Sindh, Sindhi; those of Gujarat, Gujarati; and those of Madras, Tamil. I think that if someone properly investigates as to how many Hindus and Muslims separately speak Urdu it would be found that their numbers are not that far apart. Niyaz also declared the Urdu of the Hindus to be not Urdu at all.

Urdu-speaking Hindus and Muslims are mostly in this province [U. For, in that case, no Hindu could be accused of prejudice if he similarly disqualified the Urdu of Muslims.

It should not make anyone complain if they do not consider the Hindus as incompetent as Mr. And yet a mean-spirited journalist today has the gall to declare that this twenty-five years long literary service amounts to nothing! Niyaz cannot push them beyond the reach for any material token of appreciation.

Essay On Writer Premchand

Niyaz does, or if they do not think it improper to acknowledge the scholarship of certain Hindu writers and their long service to Urdu. Nigam’s services to Urdu’s cause would be a shameful oversight that only Mr. He should also remember that on the basis of religion [qaumiyat] Urdu will get at the maximum only one-third of any proferred amount, and that one-third would also count for Urdu’s [claimed] “historical importance” and “high dignity.In other words, a Muslim emerges from his mother’s womb as a full-fledged expert in Urdu language.This claim is so absurd and so laughable that it requires no rejoinder.But I can say this: God alone may save the language whose writers are so narrow-minded and egocentric.It is a common enough charge against the Muslims that they have never duly acknowledged the Hindu writers and poets of Urdu—even [Daya Shankar] Nasim and [Ratan Nath] Sarshar were excluded from among the masters of Urdu. I am willing to concede that the Muslims have done Urdu relatively many more favors, but I shall never accept that the Hindus did nothing for it.The Hindus have a right to participate—as themselves—in any and every movement that is launched for the growth of Urdu. He would then be free to swing his stick at any Hindu who dared to trespass.I believe that there would be no Muslim—except for those who are as narrow-minded as Mr. There is an abundant number of Muslims in the Academy’s sub-committee that has the responsibility to select translators for its Urdu publications. He sacrificed for it not only his ancestral property, he has also devoted his entire life to it. But so long as the basis for selection is language alone, and so long as the Hindus continue to write in Urdu, Mr.”[2] Now he publishes unacknowledged translations of scholarly articles from the Encyclopedia [Britannica] and learned journals, and therefore can even be called a scholar.He is an iconoclast concerning traditional ways and customs, and a rather vocal proponent of reform in current [standards of] scholarship.But it can never be that the Hindus entirely give up writing and publishing in Urdu and be content reading the writings of the Muslims alone.They are not prepared to accept this ‘second class’ status. Niyaz’s admiration remains verbal at best; it totally vanishes the moment any occasion arises for some monetary reward. Niyaz a sincere advice: he should have the members of the Academy selected on the basis of religion, instead of language.


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