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Consequently she wanted to assure a chance for his son to earn much f the inheritance after the King's demise.

Consequently she wanted to assure a chance for his son to earn much f the inheritance after the King's demise.Rama's wife Sita, settles on going into exile with her dearly loved spouse, even though the forests are unsafe and swarming with evil spirits and supernatural beings.

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This earned her fame and favor with the king and hence her wises were immediately executed by the king without question.

Kaikeyi also had a son and ultimately her request was due to the fact that she wanted her son to earn more favor with the king in expense to the elder son who was Rama.

(John 2003) Both of the two written or ancient and visual or modern texts have different views concerning the Rama, Sita and other characters.

Rama is seen as a very courageous and principled person in that after he is exiled he respectfully heeds to his fathers will and goes away with his wife.

(Prakash 1998) In both of the texts there have been different views of both men and women.

Women are viewed to de subordinate to men and that the should follow there husbands wherever they go and do what they are told this is exemplified in Sita's relationship with Rama whereby when he is sent into exile she goes with him and she obeys her to the letter.

According to pantheism the issue of moral value is also unique in that there is no disparity or difference between good an evil it all depends with the circumstances.

This world view is exemplified in the ancient version as seen with the belief in Gods such as those that rescued Sita from the flames, the ogre who was Ravana's sister and demons such as Ravana who was the king of demons.

Men are also seen to have affection towards their wives and also to be caring as Rama even after his wife is abducted by Ravana he does not abandon her but plans to rescue her.

The King, Rama's father displays that men are highly influenced by their spouse as his wife Kaikeyi influences him to eventually make the decision of sending his son into exile for her own selfish reasons.


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