Essay On Theory X And Y

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Mc Gregor was convinced that only rigidity can be achieved by obedience.

Thus, the key points of this theory are: The indicated statement states that wage-earners have ambitions, self-control and are ready to work at full capacity.

People could achieve the desired aims, concentrating their efforts on the organization’s interests.

They will get the most out of their work thanks to a sense of gratification and appreciation from a team.

According to it, people are by nature quite lazy and avoid work at every opportunity.

Naturally, supervision perceives similar attitudes negatively, focusing on the development and implementation of integrated control systems.Such an approach also adversely affects an incentive system.For most professionals, money is not the only excitant element; no less essential is satisfaction or pride in well-done work.Methods of influence also include threats, fines, and layoffs.In such a company, a hierarchical ladder is clearly observed, where orders are descended from the top down.The latter consists in the fact that laborers need to reach certain outcomes, so the methods of achievement may vary depending on the staff’s skills and other factors.To be a good leader you have to apply various theories of management, using as much as possible a whole arsenal of means of motivation and order.Theory Y asserts that control and punishment are not the only ways to stimulate staff.Employees only need to focus on goals and connect them with their aspirations. The first one believed that a person is cunning and hateful, while the second researcher saw only positive features in him/her.Unlike it, Y theory treats the coworker not just as a cog in a single machine, but as an integral part of progress.Therefore, it is so essential to bring intentions and feelings of the staff into a positive upsurge in order to maximize the return.


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