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As it can be seen from discussion above, only time can bring together the true reunification of German People.

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The United States, Great Britain, and France were all capitalist and democratic, and the Soviet Union was communist.

The United States, Great Britain, and France all were part of the same “team.” The Soviet Union, however, wanted nothing to do with the others, so they decided to build a wall around their sector to keep the others out and their people in. The Berlin Wall went up in the middle of the night, 2 a.m. It was, at first a low barbed wire fence, and then workers They had just enough fuel to make it over to the West side, which took them a few hours.

While West Berlin became a lively urban area like many American cities, East Berlin became what many thought of as a ‘Mini-Moscow’. The shelves in the stores were practically bare, and what was there was not in very good quality.

At first, the divisions between East and West Berlin were uncertain. For more than ten years after the official split of the city, East Berlin saw a major emigration of East Germans, unhappy with the communist system.

That decision was to put up a barrier between them, their people and the rest of the world.

The barrier would be constructed of barbed-wire fencing, stretched over seventy-nine miles, and separated the people from their friends and families.

There would be those who opposed and never gained their freedom, and those who made it out alive....

[tags: Berlin Wall, Cold War, West Berlin, Eastern Bloc] - The Berlin Wall was built on August 12, 1941 it was a concrete wall built to split East and West Germany. The purpose of The Berlin Wall being built was to keep western fascist from entering East Germany.

This happened during the Cold War; the cold war lasted for about 47 years.

The West side was democratic and the East side was communist.


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