Essay On Successful Aging

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Extrinsic factors such as diet, exercise, personal habits and psychosocial aspects of aging are often underestimated if one takes the simplistic view that aging  is guided by genetics.

Today, an exact definition of successful aging is an open debate.

Sometimes this involves not doing more to stay active but, perhaps, doing less, giving up some control over our lives, being more mindful of others and being aware of the need to forgive and forget.

Meaningful aging encourages us all to find meaning and peace in our lives, and the effects that these practices have on how we age can, in fact, lead to a form of successful aging." The phrase “successful aging” has grown in popularity over the past few decades.

Health is viewed as a biological state, and “good or bad” aging as the outcome of our medical or physiological state.

However, people can alter this state and have the most control over the behavioral aspects of aging — how we eat, exercise, think, and interact with others — behaviors that have a strong impact on our biological health.Of course, Buffett’s eating and drinking habits may not be the path to successful aging, but he has identified one key to his success.Buffett credits his own success to reading voraciously; he typically spends 80% of his day reading.She outlived  both her daughter and her grandson by several decades.Calment reportedly remained mentally sharp until she died in 1997, at age 122, saying, “I’m interested in everything but passionate about nothing.” In Western culture we tend to “medicalize” aging, looking for the hidden secrets of health and longevity, ideally in a pill or bottle.While physical and mental health are related, there is more to life than simply being in good physical shape.Successful Aging and a Meaningful Life Older people often say that successful aging involves being productive, being mentally fit, and, most importantly, being able to lead a meaningful life.New research has shown that important paradoxes exist regarding how we think about old age and how we actually age.The term successful aging was made popular in 1987, when the scientists John Wallis Rowe and Robert Kahn published an influential book entitled .The phrase “successful aging” has grown in popularity over the past few decades.At some point in life, people become concerned about aging and want to know what to expect, what to avoid and ways to adapt.


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