Essay On Substance Abuse In The Workplace

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It used a random survey accompanying roadside alcohol screening tests by the police.

Every two years since 1995, the Spanish Observatory on Drugs (OED) (part of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality), has undertaken the ‘Household survey on alcohol and drugs in Spain’ (EDADES).

Finally, it is important to stress that the analysis focuses primarily on the issue of alcohol/drugs specifically at the workplace (use and consumption, rationale, effects, existing legislation, etc.).

Nevertheless, some attention is paid to the work-related effects of alcohol/drug consumption outside the workplace, as these effects are often interlinked irrespective of the place of consumption.

Table 1 summarises the most important national statistical surveys that provide information on the prevalence of alcohol/drug use at the workplace in the EU27 Member States and Norway.

As part of a systematic medical screening, the Securex Group examined the results obtained from 7,169 participants in the WHO’s Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (172Kb PDF) (AUDIT) in 2007.Public authorities and social partners in EU countries have developed national legislation and agreements banning/limiting alcohol/drug use at work, with a focus on testing practices intended to control usage at work.Public authorities and social partners have also adopted various policy measures to prevent and combat the negative effects of alcohol and drug use at work.Alcohol and drugs represent a serious problem for a significant percentage of the working population (5%–20% of workers), especially in some sectors and occupations.Consumption of alcohol and drugs at work can have negative impacts for individuals and organisations in terms of health problems, more instances of sick leave/short-term absenteeism, reduced performance, labour conflicts, more work accidents, company image problems, and damage to equipment or products.Examples of psychoactive substances include alcohol, opioids (heroine, etc.), cannabis, psycho-stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines, etc.), hypnosedatives and other hallucinogens.Tobacco is excluded from this study as are medicinal drugs prescribed by a doctor, although some references are made to them when the workplace dimension is included in the sources of information.Download the report (pdf, 300kb) See also the executive summary Workplaces reflect to some extent the general presence of alcohol and drugs in European society but particularly as far as alcohol is concerned.More importantly, alcohol and drugs represent a serious problem for a significant proportion of the working population, with important consequences for affected individuals, enterprises and the economy as a whole.This survey studies the use and attitudes of the Spanish population with regard to drugs.In 2007–2008, it included an additional module aimed exclusively at the working population which targeted potentially active people aged 16–64 and involved 15,071 people.


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