Essay On Life Without Goals

Goals help to take control of life – Goals are critical to take control of one’s life rather than allowing life to take control of oneself.There are several people who work extremely hard but are unable to achieve anything ultimately because they are just working because they need to work and are going in the direction where life is taking them.I want to go to school to be a psychiatrist and also study music. God is a big part of lifeand I take him with me wherever I go. My third goal is to just reach all of my desired goals. If I didn't have music, I don't know where I would be.

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Also read: Importance of good health in our life Goals help to create accountability – Having a goal in mind makes one accountable, and most importantly this accountability is only for the purpose of self.

No one has any idea about the goals that have been set, and no one stands to gain if the goals are achieved.

It can also be very well understood that how good or how bad one has performed in comparison to the previous performance.

Thus, the goals are a very good way to measure one’s performance and then do the needful accordingly.

Goals help to give motivation – Goals are the roots of motivation and inspiration.

Without motivation, it becomes tough to achieve or get something in life.

These goals solely help to create accountability of self, and by the setting of some specific goals, one can easily understand that if one is on the right track or not and if not then what needs to be done to be right back on track.

Goals keep us locked in and uninstructed – The setting of goals gives us the feeling of mental boundaries or limits that we are supposed to stay within.

The goals will show them the direction and the target to achieve by working hard.

Thus, the goals will eventually help them to take control of their life where they exactly know what they are working for.


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