Essay On Ethnic Problems In Pakistan

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Food insecurity is largely dependable on agriculture sector.

Industries are a major source of revenue generation.

According to undp, 65.5 percent population of Pakistan has been earning their livelihood on 2$per day.

According to various institutional reports I t has been identified that poverty is the main reason of terrorism.

Another cause is the enormous increase in population. We should lay more stress on professional and technical education.

It has been estimated that the population growth rate is. Incentive cultivation with modern technique and improved mannures can provide ample and fruitful employment. People are to taught the advantages of birth control. We should make the young men understand that all kinds of work are good. Basically, there is no political set up in Pakistan. Since independence Pakistan has been facing difficulties in the establishment of political set. Lack of accountability is another factor of terrorism. Without it no one can perform his duties in an organized and proper manner. It paves the way for terrorist to fulfill their selfish motives. This term has been defined as; it is a use of force for obtaining personal gains. Mighty hands are indulged in the promotion of corruption. The main reason of corruption is low level of salaries, Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and overpopulation. Terrorism is devastating the natural beauty and this natural beauty is a channel of obtaining food. These natural blessings of God Should are managed properly.Hence the means of employment cannot keep pace with the growing population. The desk jobs are insufficient to absorb the growing number of educated young men. Our Government is fully alive to the gravity of the problem.The defective system of our education is also responsible for this serious problem. It is making an all-out effort to solve it as speedily as it is possible. They pay heavy amount to them and in returns fulfill their selfish motives. In Pakistan illiterate person can easily be cheated by sharp minded terrorist. They can easily ruined the life’s of people have no feelings for others. Illiteracy is more in Baluchistan, KP, and Fata and in the rural areas of Sindh and Punjab. Poverty refers to a condition having less or fewer resources than others. They give all amenities and facilities in shape of monetary foam. Third cause of terrorism is illiteracy, which should be removed instantly. Illiteracy rate should only be decreased by promoting the importance of education. Government should introduce new ways to spread education in downtrodden areas. Poverty is a term which has been derived from the Latin word pauper means poor. According to World Bank report Poverty is spreading as a giant’s deficiently suffered because of World economic recession. Another report of Spdc has revealed clearly the poverty status of Pakistan, 65.5percent in Baluchistan, 58.5 percent in NWFP, 28percent in Punjab, 21 percent in sindh.


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