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This fact can be made clear with the help of history also.

The history is witnessed to the time, when some country becomes prey of indiscipline; it had to accept slavery of external powers.

Read this article to learn about the discipline in educational management.

The genesis of the word “Discipline” is supposed from the Latin word “Disciplina” which means management, rule, education, practice, teaching and trained condition.

It is therefore important that school discipline or discipline in the educational institution should be there for a gradual building up of habits, self-control and co-operation and carried out pupils, not because it is imposed from above, but because of the recognition by its necessity and value.

So, discipline in educational institution or school should imply the cultivation of certain desirable attitudes, habits and values in pupils.(ii) The Teacher: The teacher is the fountain head of discipline and character formation.With good teachers, half the problem of school discipline disappears.A disciplined person is of good character, and pious by mind, words and actions.In this way, it is clear that for nation or entire society discipline is very important.According to modern educational thinking the meaning of discipline is taken in wide spread form.Today, where the objective of education has been understood to develop qualities of successful citizenship and sociability in child, at the same place, school discipline is meant internal and external discipline which should develop physical, mental, social and ethical values.Some of the most important components of discipline which are used in educational institutions are as follows: The foundation of discipline is deeply rooted in the total school programme and classroom situation.It has a set of components, these are as follows: (i) Head of the Institution: The success or failure of any educational institution depends upon the personality of the head of that educational institution. He must have some well grounded fundamental principles which guide him to his treat the teachers and students.The use of the word “Control” would be appropriate at the place where some-one is to be kept forcibly in possession, where according to some fixed rules, the man is asked to do work and, there “regulation” would be used.Where the child obeys his elders with courtesy and respect, there the word “courtesy” would be proper to use.


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