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A creative block is a scary moment in the path of a maker.It not only undermines progress, but it raises doubts on the creator’s identity.The common denominator is that there comes a point when both types of artists let go and paint.

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Without a production team or resources, innovation left alone cannot come to produce, unless sold to a third party which has the resources to produce). You can strategize as much as you want, but unless you do something, you are not producing.

Often, the more you strategize, the further the actual act of creation moves.

In both cases, the result is the action of bringing something not previously seen to existence.

Think of the painter: some artists first sketch and strategize their new project, and then get to work. All of them usually honed their skills with training.

It is as easy as starting something of the spur, and refining later.

The innovation block is when you can produce, but you fail to innovate.

In the act of creativity, the maker transforms and combines old elements to produce something new.

The act can be that of a spontaneous flow, or of a thought-through process of elements recombination.

Therefore, to sit down and set the intention of create is the first step to encounter a creative block. Here again common sense comes in help: creativity is commonly imagined as a spontaneous act.

While preparation and study are fundamental for quality work, the act of actually create is indeed spontaneous in that to happen it must consist of an uninhibited flow. You must trust that initial instinct, the one which brought you to your writing chair, to your canvas.


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