Essay On Car And Vehicle Pollution

That said, many scientists believe that burning fossil fuels such as gasoline causes greenhouse gas levels to spike, leading to global warming.Scientists use sophisticated instruments to measure concentrations of harmful substances in the air, but it’s tough to say exactly what percentage of air pollution comes from cars.Cars have become the heart and soul of transportation since their invention by Henry Ford.

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Comfortable: Cars are epitomes of comfort with plush seats and climate control.

With the arrival of the automatic transmission, driving the car has become easier for the people.

Hybrid cars, electric cars and alternative fuels will continue to help, but the sheer number of people -- and cars -- on the roads offset those improvements. If you have to get out of the house, combine trips for efficiency.

Walk, bike, carpool or use public transportation if you can.

Some of them like sedan models while other prefer hatchback.

Similarly, sports model of top brands is very popular among the users who love speed.

This makes sense, because many other human activities contribute to air pollution as well.

In fact, the production of electricity by coal-fired power plants and other sources can cause more pollution than most cars.

You see it every time that smoke billows from your car's exhaust pipe, so there's no denying that vehicles are major contributors to air pollution.

Air pollution refers to the presence of foreign substances in the air that don’t belong there, or excessive amounts of certain impurities that wouldn't harm us otherwise. Gasoline fumes escape into the air even when we pump gasoline into our fuel tanks.


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