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In reality, the media has been negatively influencing viewers, who do not borrow positive values from the celebrity culture.

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People who have no intellectual discipline will always act like they know everything.

Famous people are known of trying hard to argue and trying to make their arguments influence other people.

Famous people have limits on how they think, act and behave publicly.

It is easier to notice that famous people always tend to focus on satisfying their audience and fans.

An example of such notoriety is observed in scholars, who sometimes influence their students negatively.

Such scholars concentrate on issues that are beyond their scope in the quest of being famous.

Contrary to their public image, many of the young people adore this people and almost imitate their very lifestyles.

In this respect, it is evident to notice that fame and notoriety is highly associated with negativity.

For example, there are hundred of famous people known to be drug addicts and indulge in irresponsible sexual behaviors.

There are extreme cases of famous people committing suicide as they try to escape from reality and self-awareness.


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