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It is the act of hiding what is real and showing off an unhealthy image of beauty.

Yet, the media’s act of brainwashing is akin to a test of our contentment of what our creator had blessed us with.

Beauty can hardly mean the same to all the people because we are different and our standards and tastes differ as well. Appearance is not a reliable guide to qualities that a person may have, because we cannot catch them with our eyes.

Maybe that is the reason why sometimes parents are against friends of their children or against a person their child wants to marry.

Although we could justify that outer beauty is the first aspect people will look at and judge others by, it is never an excuse to not consider the power of inner beauty. Does it not feel heavy to wear makeup, on our bodies and personalities? We are unique because we are made from God’s image and likeness. Just as the organization of Oklahoma Women’s Coalition stated: “All women and girls are beautiful. We cannot avoid the fact that all of us, men or women, without any exception, have some sort of infatuation to be attractive.

With these two types of beauties in mind, we can think about which one is the true sense of beauty. Makeup is a way of cloaking ourselves from our true aura, not far off from being a mask. But did you ever wonder what really pushes us to be like this, to be obsessive about beauty and fame?This is life’s great reality—that reality itself is beauty.As far as you understand, you can’t use this sample as your own. However, you can order an essay from our writers on any topic.They might even go to the extent of taking part in an operation for the sole purpose of looking more attractive. Because you are.” We will never achieve our true potential in life if we keep on pulling ourselves down.Someone’s inner beauty can be seen as completely different, and can strongly contrast with what people view as outer beauty. People who are not satisfied with what God had blessed them with spend an extravagant amount of money to be “beautiful.” We have to consider how special we are. Do you not think that the desire of a women to transform physically has taken us too far away from a healthy relationship with our true selves?Wearing makeup is also an interpretation of insecurity. What do we always bump into wherever we go, which slowly abducts the minds and lifestyle of our people?What serves as an “inspiration” for individuals in pertaining their dreams to looking just like magazine photos of celebrities, to be “perfect”? There are a number of perceptions on the idea of beauty.To narrow down this broad subject, one must view a plethora of information on the definition of beauty.In a 2008 Dove article entitled "Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem", the article asserts that girls take how they and other people view them very seriously which lead to drastic measures such as wrist cutting or starving themselves. ” asserts that people should not worry about the outside, but more importantly what is Nguyen 2 inside.The article clearly states many statistics on By examining attractiveness in a clear, broad way, Eden is able to showcase the biasness that people may infer from the article. They point out advice to give people a boost of confidence to let them know they play a part in society.


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