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These women, called Soldaderas, or "soldier women," were involved in politics, strong advocates for social and political causes, and participants in the wars' numerous battles.

The term "soldadera" stems back to the Spanish Conquest.

Mexico had long been a patriarchal society, with women acting as second-class citizens, spending all their time with their family and church life.

The situation became even more repressive in 1884 when the government passed the Mexican Civil Code; single women were given similar rights as their male peers but had to live with their parents until the age of 30. They could not file for divorce, vote, engage in lawsuits draw up a contract of any kind, dispose of or administer their personal property, make decisions about their children's education or even tutor anyone except their husband .

The president of Mexico at that time was Porfirio Diaz that had been president for over 30 years, who was also a dictator with, Victoriano Huerta and Venustiano Carranza.

Francisco Madero that was educated in Europe and at the University of California led a series of strikes throughout the country for new election of president.Two Revolutions shaped the history of two countries: Mexico and Russia. The dictators fought for the interest of the peons.Both Revolutions drastically changed the life of their people. There were also people that wanted a democracy in Mexico.These female soldiers went by a variety of names including soldadas, soldaderas, Amazons, coronelas and Adelitas.Even some of the earliest roles that women performed in wars were similar to those of revolutionaries and males.They worked in the state- owned power mills or acted as chefs.A member of the American Press described the role of Soldaderas: "[Huerta] not content with the wholesale impressments among men to fill the depleted ranks of the federal columns, women by the hundreds [were] seized by Huertas orders and forced to abandon their homes" There were also some Soldaderas who fought with the rebels, and those who provided health and upport to both sides.They foraged for food, cooked and helped set up the camps.In many cases, they proved themselves much more honorable than the men.The middle and upper classes were dissatisfied with the power in the hands of a select few, and the working and lower classes no longer could tolerate the poor working conditions, low wages, inferior housing, ever-rising inflation, and lack of social services for themselves and their families.What is not well-known about this revolution, however, is the role that women played in restoring democratic rule and stability to the country.


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