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And they want to see how well you can bring all these ideas together and communicate them in a logical, cohesive manner.Don’t get too caught up in fancy language or insanely obscure techniques - you’ve got this.

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And no, that doesn't mean you just try to tell your mysterious, probably middle-aged NESA marker what you think they want to hear. Your marker wants to see how well you understand the texts and how the authors communicated those ideas.

They want to see how well you understand the concept of Discovery and all its nuances (hint: they’re written out here).

Having a mind blank during an exam is not a good feeling because the clock is literally ticking and there isn’t a way you can magically force yourself to remember a quote or come up with an idea.

It will feel pretty stressful but your best bet here is actually to pause and think instead of continuing to waffle on.

Well don't stress too much because we're going to help out here with some tricks and tips for writing exam essays* that will actually show the HSC marker all of our killer ideas and skills.

Essay Exams

This might end up being a pretty hefty post so let’s get cracking straightaway.If the exam is something like English Paper 1, you know that a third of the (two hour long) exam is an essay so you should be starting that essay with at least 40mins to go.Hot tip: a lot of top students try to move through the first two sections of that exam fairly quickly so they have more time for a banging essay 💯.When it comes to writing the essay, the structure you planned out will let you know if you’re on track or not.40 minutes to write an essay and you have an intro, conclusion and four body paragraphs? Well then it’s pretty clear that you should get your intro and the first two paragraphs done in 20 minutes. It might be quotes, it might be dates, it might be stats.Some of us will try to remember whole essays word-for-word which isn’t officially recommended but as long as you are prepared to (and know how to) adapt it to the question then it shouldn’t be too bad.It’s really about finding out what approach works best for you but having some possible essays structures and flexible thesis ideas up your sleeve will make sure that you can write an impressive essay in just 40 minutes.That way, if I had a total mind blank when I got to writing a certain paragraph, I didn’t have to leave the evidence out or waste time trying to remember it.This one is pretty closely related to the point about planning but hey, can’t push it enough.If you can’t, either move on and try to come back later just cut your losses, conclude that point and move on.Not every essay will give you source material (a picture or quote that you have to refer to) but you will always have a verb or keyword in the question that tells you how to position your argument.


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