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They married, and Gar had regretted his actions, for he still loved her.We see that he blames himself after Private Gar calls her a, “Rotten aul snobby bitch!When his aunt Lizzy first asked Gar if he wanted to go to America, he jumped at the chance saying, “as soon as I can”. I – I – I don’t know.” Gar is unsure about the only thing he was sure about, and this is truly tragic.

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But a lot of the time, the comedy produced by Private Gar turns into something more sinister. for his departure, listing the reasons why his father has driven him to emigration: “And you know why I’m going, Screwballs, don’t you.

In Episode 1, Private Gar’s ridiculing commentary of S. is initially light-hearted but develops to become more threatening. Because I’m twenty-five, and you treat me as if I were five – I can’t order even a dozen loaves without getting your permission. But worse, far worse than that, Screwballs, because – we embarrass one another.” We are told before Private Gar’s descent into rage that, ‘all trace of humour fades from Private’s voice.

We see this on several occasions throughout the play, for example times when Private Gar laughs almost sadistically at the misfortune and hurt of Public Gar.

Another character who provides humour is Gar’s aunt Lizzy.

This is yet more unfinished business that torments Gar on the eve of his departure.

This, along with the unresolved conflict with his father and questions about his mother’s promiscuity are indeed no laughing matter, and are in no way comic.

Private Gar asks, “God, Boy, why do you have to leave? This develops into an absurd imitation of Americans courting.

Another example is when Private Gar has an imaginary discussion with Gar’s father about being a sex maniac, changing the subject when Madge enters to a clich�d one about the weather, as though she could hear.

Their flourishing love was cut short partly due to Gar’s inability to communicate his feelings.

Upon discovering that Kate’s parents hope that she will marry the more refined and wealthier Dr.


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