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This is why it is vital to set aside a day when the teachers are given the recognition they deserve.We celebrate Teachers’ day to honor the contribution of Teachers in our lives.

5th of September is a birth anniversary of our earlier President Dr.

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who had requested to celebrate his birthday as the teachers day to respect teachers all over India. Our teachers shape us to be academically wonderful and morally good by enhancing our knowledge, skill and confidence level.

However, We celebrate The International Teachers Day on October 5 The contributions and efforts made by teachers never go unnoticed.

This led to the inauguration of the Teacher’s day which seeks to celebrate the efforts made by the teachers.

Teachers efforts are recognized during the teacher’s day.

They shape minds, and we annually celebrate their contribution to the development of society in the form of Teachers’ day across the world.

Duties undertaken by teachers in the upbringing of children is immense and thus being recognized with teachers’ day is a step towards recognizing the profession and the role they play in society.

Teachers as the name suggest the kingdom of Knowledge from which the knowledge transfer to their students.

In honour of our Teacher’s, we celebrate the Teacher’s day on 5th September every year just to show them our respect and love for them.

A student can write Teachers Day Essay and convey their feeling to their lovely Teachers.


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