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Not only that, they should also encourage today’s youth to watch programs that reinforce family values.

Aggressive attitudes, values and behavior can be increased by watching entertainment violence, particulary in children. Some of the television programs will show violence scenes with hitting, punching, stabbing and any other type of violence.

Pro-social messages from shows on television will give a positive impact on the behavior of today’s youth.

However, these youths are more likely to learn negative values from these television programs.

Watching violence on television will give three major effects which youths will be less sensitive to pain and suffering of others, youths will be more fearful of the world around them and they might behave aggressively toward the others (Abelard, 2008).

ACT Against Violence (cited in Kaufman, 2004) states that kids cannot give it a context even though they know what they are watching.They will react equally to animated violence and real violence due to the weak link between their fantasy and reality.They cannot judge commercials versus regular programs or reality versus fantasy.However, we have to remember and be aware that the television also is seem to posses more negative effects than positive ones.A day in a youth’s life will generally be filled with activities such as playing with friends, reading, doing homework and being physically active but this can be easily replaced with the presence of television.This is crucial, as it can retard their normal physical and social development and skills.Hence, the burning question here is, do television programs affect the attitude of today’s youth?There surely will be a lot of behavioral changes in youths today if they are exposed to excessive violence shown on television.These kinds of programs will encourage these youths to be aggressive in both their behavior and in their thoughts.This is detrimental to their physical and mental development because studies show that the first two to three years of a child’s life is where he/she learns through observing, interacting, playing and also exploring new things.Thus if these children are glued and become addicted to these programs on television they will have lesser time to interact with human beings.


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