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Consequently, teamwork plays an essential role in the process of globalization...Otherwise, for the moment teamwork should combine the traditional team which with good reciprocal interpersonal relationships, but still developing (Teamwork in multiproffessional care p3 2000).Nowadays teamwork is still essential in different areas; the development of the global economy and the globalization process, requires people coming from different countries and with different skills and specializations to operate consistently together.

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As a result, how to build an effective and successful teamwork is important, high-performance teamwork can not only increase productivity and creativity in organization but also direct individual's accomplishment toward organizational objectives.

Generally, to build a successful team goes through processes of forming, storming, norming and performing was identified by Tuckman in 1965 (A Handbook of Human resources management p196 2001).

Need any assistance with your teamwork and collaboration essay? What are elements that make up working together with others?

Teamwork and collaboration combines communication and problem solving skills to reach a goal.

Trusting one another gives each member the benefit of the doubt while eliminating conflict of interest.

In some situations, trust is significant because you rely on someone else to do something you may not be able to do without their help.However, teamwork is still needed in different areas today.With the development of the global economy, economic co-operation becomes popular among different countries such as WTO.Each person part of the team has a role to help the team achieve its purpose. They may be in charge of doing something others expect them to complete successfully.It may include figuring out ways to help each other to ensure milestones are met.These aspects are important because it encourages people to work together while benefiting each other.It helps to work […] What are elements that make up working together with others?Nerveless, one of the essential elements in a high-performance teambuilding should be concerned is leadership which comes from the personal character of the leader who achieve the task and maintain the team, enthuses team members with commitment to their work (Effective leadership development p6 2006).In a word, an effective teamwork has a great significance for the business management.Exploring elements of these two components gives further insight on how each is needed for the team to achieve its goals.Trust is an important aspect of teamwork and collaboration.


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