Essay About My First Love

I was a smart, bubbly and a cute little teenager, who enjoyed life and was living life to the fullest, when suddenly life changed for me.

I had set my eyes on him the first time when he had come to the colony park and he was chatting with his friends.

Once I remember I was standing in the neighbourhood Bakery and he suddenly walked in with his friends, probably to buy something.

I turned around and as usual started staring at him and he was standing opposite me when suddenly a lot of people came in between us and it was a funny situation and I could see just one half of his face and I caught him staring at me with one eye!

Looking back, I now laugh about how jealous I would get and how I would deal with my jealousy.

It was only because I feared losing you, and no matter how much you told me you loved me, I was always a bit insecure. Even though we were always ourselves in our relationship, we never got too comfortable.

I was just thirteen years old when I fell in love with a boy four or five years older than me.

It was the most ecstatic feeling and I still cannot get over it, as they say when a woman falls in love, she can never fall in love again, although I was a teenager then, but I still have vivid memories of that boy and how I felt for him.

Sometimes, I even wonder if it ever even happened because it ended so abruptly and without closure. The wound is still fresh, even after so many years, and all I feel for you is love.

Remember how I mentioned before that I just want you to be happy? It does kill me that we cannot be happy together and live our happily-ever-after.


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