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Unlike the cloth and paper bags, the plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Used plastic bags stay in the environment for years and contribute to land and water pollution.

This is the reason why many countries have banned the use of these bags.

They remain in the environment for years and years and add to land, air and water pollution.

Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags on Plants Trees and plants are an integral part of our environment.

Introduction Plastic bags are preferred over other kinds of bags as these are economical, light and easy to carry.

Though these are widely popular we cannot overlook the harmful effects of these bags on the environment as well as the health hazards they cause.

These bags are available in various sizes and come handy while shopping. This is the reason why these are being used extensively.

However, it is important to understand that as convenient as these are to carry and use these are equally harmful for the environment.

This causes various diseases and illnesses in them.

Gulping plastic bags can even choke their throat and suffocate them to death.


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