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The focus of the Reading Comprehension Test is on vocabulary, style and the meaning of each sentence. An assessment of your ability to interpret and understand the passages is the aim of the Reading test.

The five aspects of tested comprehension include: If you hope to do your best on Reading and Writing Skills exams, then studying for these placement tests is essential.

You have the option of changing your answer simply by again clicking on any phrase and choosing one out of the five possible responses.

When you are done working with the essay, click on “Finished Editing Essay.” The computer will then send you another essay or end the exam.

This increase would impact the cost of your college education.

It is therefore to your benefit to achieve your best possible score on the College English Placement Test.

In the world of college placement testing, there are many different versions of the English Placement Test.

Various states, colleges and companies have developed their own placement test products.

As you learned in high school, preparing for any test gives you an advantage when you face the actual exam questions.

Preparing for the English Placement Test involves working on sample placement tests to gain a familiarity of the format and types of questions.


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